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Frequently Asked Question!

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Unlike with magic mushrooms, we do not advise drying. Read on to find out why and whether you should consider it.

Drying truffles should be done with an air circulation device. Not by heat using a radiator or under sunlight for example because you would lose most of the potency.

You can keep them long after that, but they will turn into small hard stones so you need to grind them and incorporate them into food or in a drink. Be careful with dosage as they will be much more potent per gram, of course!

If your mushrooms and the mycelium are covered with a black/purple powder, your shrooms have sprouted spores. In this case, your harvest was a little too late.

This happens to the best of us, but what now?

Yes, you may still eat them. They may have lost a little potency, but usually not that much.

Your growkit is contaminated with spores. The spores and mycelium work against each other. The spores will look for a place to germinate. In nature, this can take up to a year. The mycelium in the box is disabled by the spores and won’t produce any more shrooms. You can only get another flush on the spots that are free of spores.

Using magic truffles is not harmful to the body or mind. There are no real dangers. Psilocybin is absolutely non-toxic. It is not possible to have a fatal dose.

You should not use magic truffles in combination with alcohol or drugs. This intensifies the effect of magic truffles and that can lead to an unpleasant experience accompanied with anxiety and nausea.

Some people who take Magic Truffles indicate that they experience feelings of fear or even panic. This is called a bad trip. It is almost always a result of a lack of proper preparation. We have a few tips to prevent a bad trip.

To avoid a bad trip you should:

  • Make sure you’re in an environment that feels comfortable. Avoid situations in which you get exposed to sudden stimuli. The best place to be is at home.
  • Make sure someone is present who will remain sober. This is called a sitter. This person should put you at ease when you get negative feelings.
  • When you’re worried about something or have other issues you should not use magic truffles.
  • Magic truffles enhance your feelings. When you’re not feeling well or when you’re upset, the use of truffles can make this feeling stronger. When you are happy and relaxed the use of magic truffles will make you feel even better.
  • A bad trip is always triggered by negative thoughts. When you’re having negative thoughts during your trip try to surround yourself with positive things. This might be easier said than done but you really should try it. It’s helpful to prepare a “soothing pack” prior to tripping. Your “soothing pack” should contain a few things that could soothe you when you enter a distressed state of mind (e.g. blankets, soothing scents like lavender or cinnamon, chamomile tea etc.) When the environment you are in is causing negative thoughts, try to change the environment. Is the room you’re in dark? Put on a light. Is the room hot? Open a window.

The best tip we can give you is to relax.

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